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How to Remove Weslock Door Knobs

Paul Massey

Weslock has been manufacturing door locksets and deadbolts for more than 75 years, offering a full selection of styles and security for residential applications. Whether you are removing the Weslock lock to refinish the door, to rekey or to upgrade the lockset, removing the lock hardware simply reverses the installation procedure and is completed with one basic tool.

  1. Hold the door open to reach the Weslock lockset from the strike edge and both sides of the door.

  2. Detach the interior-side knob. Press in on the elongated metal tab at the base of the knob with a screwdriver and pull horizontally on the knob to slide it off the cylinder operator.

  3. Detach and remove the lock's cylinder base cover by inserting the tip of a standard screwdriver under the side indentation at the edge, then pry outward to snap the cover from the cylinder side plate.

  4. Unscrew the two cylinder retention bolts to each side of the lock's center operator and remove the cylinder side plate. This will free the lock cylinder and exterior knob so the assembly can be removed from the exterior side of the door.

  5. Loosen and remove the latch bolt screws securing the face plate to the door edge, then pull the latch horizontally to remove it from the door edge.