How to Remove Wrinkles in New Insulated Curtains

Insulated curtains have lots of advantages. They are serious energy-savers and they come in a variety of beautiful shades and types of fabric.

However, when you remove them from their packaging, you will immediately see that there are some serious wrinkle issues to deal with because the insulated backing holds the original folds very tightly. A little patience, an iron and some surprising back-up tools will get the job done in no time.

  1. Pre-treat the wrinkles with a steam treatment in your bathroom. Hang the curtains in your bathroom. You can drape them over a long towel rack so that there are only a few folds left. Leave the curtains in the bathroom while you take a hot, steamy shower with the bathroom door closed. Many times this will remove wrinkles from the front of the curtains entirely.

  2. Wash the curtains. Use the settings designated by the manufacturer. Usually you can wash them in cool water, but you should check because every brand is slightly different, and the front fabric will impact the instructions. Use a mild detergent and the gentle cycle.

  3. Dry the curtains. In most cases, you will dry the curtains on low heat with some dryer sheets. This will often remove all of the wrinkles from both sides of the curtains, but they may not look as crisp as you want. If you still want the fabric smoother and flatter, then move on.

  4. Set up your ironing board. Lay the aluminum foil over the ironing board. The curtain will go on top of the foil with the insulated side down. Never iron the insulated side directly. On top of the curtain, lay a thin bed sheet. This will further protect the curtains from direct heat while still allowing you all the benefits of a warm iron.

  5. Iron the curtains. Set the iron on low heat and use the steam function liberally. Focus on a small area at a time. The aluminum foil will distribute the smoothing heat from the bottom of the curtain, while the sheet will protect the curtain from too much heat melting fabric or insulation. Be patient and willing to go over the same spot multiple times. Once you have smoothed an area to your satisfaction, then you can move on to the next area. When you are done, hang the curtains immediately so that they do not develop new creases.


Hand steamers are also effective for removing wrinkles in new insulated curtains, but some types of insulation may smell in response to the steam treatment.