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Odor Removing Candles

Debra Rigas

Odors from pets, tobacco smoke or cooking can foul a home or other space. One of the best ways to fully clear pollutants from your air is to use an air purifier. In lieu of that, you can try natural aromatherapy or chemical (and usually toxic) odor removing sprays, or you can burn odor eliminating candles.

Use odor removing candles after cooking fish or other strong smelling foods.

Odor eliminating candles can be found at stores that sell tobacco products, in scented candle shops, and occasionally at novelty shops and department stores. While there are mixed reviews of such candles, certain company testimonials claim that they actually work. Test a variety for yourself to see if they meet your needs. Odor eliminating candles come in multiple scents but will work only when lit and burning.

Types of Candle

Strongly scented aromatic candles can help eliminate unwelcome odors. The better performing candles often come in tins or glass jars. These types of candles hold the melted wax, which melts and forms a pool. As a result, the wick burns longer--much like a small oil lantern--and the more pleasing scents from the candle fill the air. Certain candles are made strictly to remove one type of odor, while others claim to eliminate several types. You can find candles that burn for only a few hours or those that burn up to 60 hours each.

Making Your Own

Strong fragrances often come from quality essential oils.

You can make your own odor removing candles quite simply. You'll find candle-making materials at craft stores. Purchase large blocks of plain wax, then slowly melt the wax in an old pot or double-boiler. Add 10 to 20 drops of fragrant essential oils per cup of wax. Wrap one end of a wick around a pencil or wooden spoon. Rest the pencil over the top of the glass jar and allow the free end of the wick to hang into the jar. Pour the wax slowly into the jar, and let it solidify around the wick. This can take several hours or overnight. Use gloves to handle hot pans and the glass jar and to protect yourself from wax splatters.


When you first detect foul odors in your home, open windows, start a fan or turn on an air purifier to disperse or absorb strong odors. Cold weather may not permit you to open doors or windows, but if you can, this simple act may clear the air tremendously. To prevent a fire, never leave any type of candle burning if you leave your home or office. Also, don't place candles where small children or animals can reach them or knock them over. Change the location of the candles from time to time for different effects, too.