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How Do You Mix Beeswax & Carnauba Wax?

Alicia Bodine

Waxes have many uses such as lubricating machinery and preventing rust. Carnauba wax is hard and needs to be mixed with another wax because it is quite brittle. Beeswax is an excellent wax to mix with carnauba wax because it is extremely soft. Beeswax also has a pleasant scent.

Bee maxing wax
  1. Cut your beeswax in to tiny shavings. This makes it easier to melt.

  2. Place the carnauba wax flakes in your microwave-safe dish and microwave on high for six minutes. Stir after each minute so the wax doesn't burn.

  3. Set your beeswax in another microwave-safe container and microwave for three minutes. Stop to stir it every minute to prevent burning.

  4. Pour the beeswax on top of the carnauba wax, and mix them together with your wooden spoon.

  5. Pour the wax into plastic molds, or any small plastic containers that you have.

  6. Wait 15 minutes for the wax to harden. It will begin to separate from the sides of the container.