How to Get Rid of Mold on a Mattress

Melynda Sorrels

Mold is a spore that thrives where there is darkness and moisture combined. Many forms of mold can be hazardous to your health by wreaking havoc upon your respiratory system; these need to be dealt with immediately. Mold on a mattress can be especially harmful.

Get Rid of Mold on a Mattress

It can be as simple as going to bed at night with wet hair and shortly thereafter mold may begin to take over. Cleaning mold is a task that should be done immediately.


Using a mattress cover can help to protect it from molding in the future. If you live in a humid area, it may help to take the mattress outside once a month and allow it to sit in the sunshine to help kill mold spores.


Make sure the mattress is completely dry before putting bedding back on it. If mold has gotten into the mattress it is best to discard it.

  1. Scrape off all of the mold using a soft bristle brush.

  2. Vacuum the mold up or sweep it away with a broom. Ensure that all of the mold is gone.

  3. Mix equal parts isopropyl alcohol and water in a bucket or bowl.

  4. Dip a brush or clean cloth in the solution. Scrub the area thoroughly and rinse with a cloth soaked in clean water and wrung out thoroughly.

  5. Use a fan to dry the mattress or take it outside and allow it to sit in the sunlight. Heat and sunshine are the best ways to eliminate mold.