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How do I Clean Mold on Cane?

Henri Bauholz

Cane can be used in the complete design of furniture, or the natural material can provide a comfortable seat or back on a wood- or metal-framed chair or bench. No matter how it is used, cane needs careful attention and cleaning, especially if mold should appear.

Mold Detection

Cane furniture comes in all sorts of sizes and shapes.

Inspect all of your cane furniture on a regular basis in order to catch an outbreak of mold in its beginning stages. Be mindful that if you live in a warm and humid part of the country, then the likelihood of the presence of mold increases. Also, be particularly mindful of mold when storing cane furniture for a long period of time.


To clean mold from cane furniture use a strong solution of bleach added to a mixture of warm soapy water. Mix the bleach in a 1 to 10 ratio with water before adding it to the soap mixture. Scrub gently with a bristle brush and make sure the chair or bench is thoroughly rinsed before drying. To dry the piece of cane furniture, set it outside on a warm and sunny, windy day, if possible.


Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent that is toxic to 82 percent of all mold species. Place the vinegar in a plastic spray bottle and spray the infected area several times over a three- or four-day period. There is no need to rinse afterward.