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How to Get Silly String Off of Hardwood Floors

Melissa Lewis

Because Silly String makes a huge mess and is difficult to clean up, many cities have banned its use on special occasions such as parades and Halloween night. If a Silly String battle took place in your home, cleanup will likely prove tedious.

Fortunately, Silly String won't damage your hardwood flooring.

The Silly String that landed on your hardwood floor, though, will be one the easiest areas of the home to clean, with little worry of staining.

  1. Pick up the long strands of Silly String by hand. Sweep smaller pieces into a dustpan and discard.

  2. Dilute a hardwood floor cleaner with water in a bucket according to directions on the cleaner's label.

  3. Dip a soft terry cloth rag or sponge into the wood cleaning solution, wring it out and gently scrub up stuck-on Silly String, which should easily come off with gentle scrubbing. Start on the far side of the room and work your way out of the room so you don't step or crawl on the wet floor. Regularly dip your rag or sponge into the cleaning solution to rinse off the Silly String. Wring it out and continue to remove the Silly String off the floor.