How to Clean Fire Sprinkler Heads

Mark O'Brien

Cleaning your apartment or business isn't the most fun job to begin with, but when you have risky cleaning tasks, it becomes even harder. One of these cleaning tasks includes dusting or cleaning the debris and dust off of the fire sprinkler heads mounted in many apartment and office buildings.


The sprinkler heads are very sensitive and can break open with a slight hit, but they still need to be cleaned occasionally.

  1. Plug in a vacuum hose attachment and carefully suck the dust and debris around the fire sprinkler head off. Try not to touch the sprinkler head with the vacuum.

  2. Get a damp rag and wipe the wall down around the fire sprinkler head. You will usually knock free any cobwebs by doing this.

  3. Take a standard computer cleaning, canned air sprayer and gently spray off the entire surface of the fire sprinkler head. Avoid turning the canned air upside down as liquid will spray out and possible knock the fire sprinkler head off.