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Causes & Treatments for Maggots

Cameron Burry

Maggots are the tiny larvae of flies that often appear in large groups in or around the house. Maggots are not dangerous, but can contain some harmful bacteria and can spoil food if they make their way into your home. This being the case, it is a good idea to know where maggots come from and how to get rid of them.

Maggots often appear in vastly large numbers.


Most modern homeowners do not experience a massive scale infestation of flies. Most homes with central heating and air conditioning are tightly sealed so it is difficult for flies to get into a home. Since flies lay maggot eggs, the absence of flies means the absence of maggots. However, in homes where windows or doors are left open will be more susceptible to a maggots infestation. Flies are typically attracted to man-made foods as well, so if these are left lying out, flies will be more likely to invade and lay their eggs.


Some fly species, such as cluster flies, are common in homes during the cooler months, as they are trying to escape death because of the lower temperatures. During winter, these kinds of flies will flock to the indoors and lay large amounts of eggs that can quickly evolve into maggots. Conversely, some kinds of flies seek the cooler temperatures of the indoors to get out of the heat outdoors. In either of these situations, flies will lay eggs and cause maggot infestation if you don't deal with them.

Organic Matter

Flies will lay their eggs in organic matter if they can find it. Organic potting soil is a practical location for flies to lay their eggs because of the high concentration of organic materials it includes. Since flies are often attracted to food products and similar organic material, they will often lay their eggs in areas where organic foods are readily available. The result: maggots infesting food supplies.


Kill the maggots by dumping them into boiling water. The high heat will kill them instantly. In another way, you can kill maggots by placing them in the freezer, as cold will have the same fatal effect. Making your home cleaner is a good way to prevent maggots, as flies will only lay their eggs in a well- protected and organic-rich, fungus-filled habitat. Eliminate these factors and you will have little problem preventing maggots in your home. You also can use fly prevention chemicals to eliminate the parents of maggots, thus cutting them off at the source. Get rid of flies and you get rid of the maggots.