How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier. Your delicate chandelier will glow more brightly without all that dust and grime. Here's how to make it sparkle again.

  1. Set up alternative lighting nearby (since you won't be able to use the chandelier for lighting while you're cleaning it).

  2. Turn off the chandelier's power at the wall switch. Place a piece of tape over the wall switch so that no one can accidentally turn it on while you're working.

  3. Cover any upward-pointing bulbs with sandwich bags. Secure the bags with rubber bands.

  4. Place a drop cloth below the chandelier.

  5. Mix a solution of one part isopropyl alcohol or ammonia in three parts distilled water. Or, if you don't want to mix your own cleaner, buy a special chandelier cleaner from a lighting retailer. Put some solution in a spray bottle.

  6. Spray every part of the fixture with the cleanser, avoiding wires and other electrical components.

  7. Allow the crystals to drip-dry. If your chandelier is too dirty for this drip-cleaning method, you'll have to hand-wash each individual crystal with the cleaning solution.

  8. Remove the plastic bags from the lights once the crystals have dried, and wipe down light wells and other noncrystal parts with a soft cloth dipped in the cleanser.

  9. Allow the entire fixture to dry overnight before turning its power back on.