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How to Install a Ceiling Fan in an Apartment

Alexis Lawrence

Living in an apartment without air conditioning can be uncomfortable during hot summer months. Many apartments come with a connection for a ceiling fan already in place. Since a ceiling fan requires electricity, installing one yourself can seem like a daunting, or even dangerous, task. But if the right precautions and care are taken, installing a ceiling fan in your apartment is actually rather simple.

  1. Turn off the electricity. Each room should be labeled on the breaker box. You can also find the breaker by flipping each switch until the electricity goes off in the room where you want to install the ceiling fan.

  2. Remove the plate that covers the ceiling fan hook up from the ceiling and attach the bracket to the mounting in the ceiling using the screws provided with the ceiling fan. The plate will be attached to the ceiling with screws and can be removed with a screwdriver. This should expose several wires and a mount. There will be places on the fan bracket for two to four screws. Tighten until fully secure.

  3. Raise the assembled fan to the bracket and attach the wiring. On most ceiling fans, there will be a socket for the assembled fan to rest in while you work with the wires. Twist the tip of the white wire to the white wire and the green wire to the green wire. If your fan has a light, there will be two wires remaining, blue and black. If the fan will use only a single wall switch, both of these wires are attached to the same black electrical wire for the house. Twist wire nuts over the end of each wire connection.

  4. Push the wires up into the ceiling and attach the canopy to the bracket. The canopy is the piece that covers the top of the ceiling fan where it meets the ceiling. It will come with screws to attach it.

  5. Attach the fan blades and any lighting shades or fixtures. Fan blades can be attached with screws that are provided. Lighting shades may use screws or tightening nuts that are already attached to the fan. Details for attaching fan blades and lighting shades will be provided in the manufacturer's assembly instructions.