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How to Replace a Bathroom Light & Fan Switch

If your light switch has worn out and is not operating your fan or light properly, it is time to change it. Changing your light switch is a very simple process. You will be saving money and adding functionality back to the most needed switch in the house.

  1. Turn off the main electricity to the entire house at the breaker.

  2. Take off the faceplate from the switches by unscrewing the middle screw on the faceplate.

  3. Unscrew the switches by turning the screws on each end of the switch counter-clockwise.

  4. Pull the switches out of the conduit box. Mark the wires to know which one is for the fan and which one is for the light.

  5. Unscrew the wires and remove them from the switches by turning the screws on the side of the switches counter-clockwise.

  6. Match the wire color to the screw label that is marked on the switch: Black to the screw labeled black, and white to the screw labeled white. The bare copper wire will screw into the green screw that is on the metal housing of the switch.

  7. Screw the switches tightly into the conduit box once connected to the wires. Turn the screws on each switch clockwise. Install the faceplate and then screw it back on until the screw is snug. Do not over tighten or your faceplate might crack. Turn back on the electricity and test your installation.