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Installation of an Arlec Dimmer

Mark Morris

Arlec is an Austrailian electronics company that offers a wide range of electronics from security systems to electric heaters. Their dimmers are only suitable for installation in two wire electrical systems that are master grounded from the panel. The switch features an on-off toggle and a twisting knob control that allows lights on the circuit to be dimmed to the desired brightness or turned fully off. As with all electrical repairs, safety should be the main concern.

An Arlec dimmer can help create just the right mood.
  1. Turn off the main power at the switch box and turn the light switch to the "On" position to ensure it is disconnected. Remove the mounting screws from the original switch cover and the remove the cover from the switch to reveal the mounting screws. Remove the screws and pull the switch from the wall.

  2. Loosen the screws holding the two wires from the switch panel and the two wires running to the light. Remove the wires from the original switch. Loosen the screw marked "loop", the screw marked "1" and the screw marked "2" on the back of the dimmer.

  3. Attach the two black wires from the light and the switch panel to the screw marked loop, which is below and to the right of the of the red wire from the dimmer, by wrapping the wires around it and tightening the screw with the screwdriver.

  4. Attach the red wire from the switch panel to the screw marked 1 which is below the screw you attached the black wires to in the previous step. Attach the remaining red wire from the light to the screw marked 2 along with the red wire from the dimmer. Tighten all screws and insert the dimmer into the hole you removed the switch from.

  5. Install the two mounting screws in the switch and snap the face plate over the front to conceal the wiring. Snap the slider handle onto the control. Restore the power and test the switch for proper