How to Remove Wood Mites From a Wood Table

Eoghan McCloskey

Mites are among the most common indoor insect pests -- they can infest so many different items in your home that controlling them completely can be challenging.

Some species of mites, such as the house dust mite, are commonly found on furniture, and removing these pests from wood tables and other furniture can go a long way in avoiding all the problems they can cause for your family.

  1. Clean the wood table thoroughly. Mites do not actually live in the furniture itself but rather in dust, shed human skin and other detritus that collects on top of the furniture. Dust the wood table that the mites are infesting. To clean more thoroughly and repel dust, wipe the table down with a rag and wood polish.

  2. Apply a benzyl benzoate insecticide labeled for mite control. Make sure to purchase an insecticide that is labeled for safe use indoors and follow the manufacturer's directions exactly.

  3. Cover the wood table with plastic. In addition to regular cleaning and the application of benzyl benzoate insecticide to mites you observe, covering the wood table with a plastic sheet can eliminate the conditions that attract the mites to the table.