How to Clean a Concrete Basement Floor

A concrete basement floor is a non absorbent, it doesn't require any special cleaners, or polishes.

A concrete basement floor may also be one of the dirtiest floors in the home, as people will usually prefer to wear shoes when walking on concrete, and pets may be welcome on the concrete basement floor rather than upstairs carpeting. So cleaning well and regularly will be an important part of maintaining your concrete basement floor.

  1. Sweep the floor thoroughly to remove any loose dirt and debris. Sweep the dirt into the dustpan and discard.

  2. Mix a 3 capfuls of the Lysol cleanser into the bucket of hot water. Wet and wring the mop.

  3. Mop the floor in sections, rinsing and wringing the mop frequently.

  4. Turn on a fan to help speed the drying time, and to reduce the moisture level. The floor should be dried and ready to walk on within half an hour.


Basements tend to be damp and dark, to prevent mold from forming make sure that the air is circulating well and that the floor dries completely. Remember that the floor will not absorb the water, and it will need time to dry, so don't keep the mop too wet.