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How to Remove Fingerprints From Paper Money

Jess Jones

Paper money may not only have fingerprints on it, but it can also have thousands of different types of bacteria living on it due to its porous nature. Our skin secrets oil which is often transferred onto paper money by touch.

To remove dirt, bacteria, and overall grime from paper money is simple, but must be done carefully. If you are too rough with the money, it can easily tear or become defaced which will cause it to no longer be legal tender.

  1. Prepare a clean dry flat surface. A kitchen table or counter top will work fine.

  2. Lay down a clean blank sheet of 81/2 by 11 inch paper. This will catch the grime that comes off of the money.

  3. Put on rubber gloves to prevent any of your skin's oils from transferring to the paper money while you are cleaning it.

  4. Rub the bill with your vulcanized rubber dry-cleaning sponge in short, gentle strokes for about two minutes. Grime as well as the fingerprints will start to come off. This will be evident by the dirt that will begin to accumulate on the sheet of clean paper.

  5. Continue to rub the bill with the sponge until the area with fingerprints has been brushed clean.