How to Clean Black Laminate Furniture

Donna Thacker

Black laminate furniture will add a stylish bold statement to your room decor. The deep brilliance of the black appears to be almost liquid-like and blends well with any color scheme. The black will also show dust very quickly and will need to be cleaned often.

It will hold the oils from fingerprints and collect even more dust in these oily smudges. You can easily restore your black laminate furniture to its original luster by cleaning it with just a couple household supplies. You will be dazzled by its shimmer and the ease of this cleaning tip.


  1. Fill a cleaning bucket with about 1/2 gallon of warm water. Add 2 capfuls of liquid vegetable cleaning soap to the water. You can use a name brand or a generic, whichever you prefer. Swish the water around to distribute the soap.

  2. Wet a soft cotton cloth in the water solution and wring it out well. Wipe the black laminate furniture down. Turn the cotton cloth often and rinse it repeatedly in the water to keep the cotton cloth clean and dust free. Change the water if it becomes too dirty.

  3. Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto a dry soft cotton cloth. The cloth should be damp not saturated. Rub this cloth over the black laminate furniture in a circle motion, much like waxing a car. Have another soft dry cotton cloth in your other hand and immediately buff the black laminate furniture. Work in small sections, by first wiping on the alcohol then buffing with the dry cloth until the entire piece of furniture is done.

  4. Pay special attention to any cracks or decorations on the furniture as dust will build up there quickly. If you have trouble getting into small areas, use a cotton swab and dunk it into the alcohol. Wipe it immediately with the soft dry buffing cloth. The alcohol will dry quickly and remove all soap residue, letting your furniture’s true beauty shine through.

  5. For quick touch-ups after the deep cleaning, just use a damp cotton cloth and wipe the furniture down to remove any recent dust buildup. Follow up by buffing the laminate furniture with a soft dry cloth. Avoid using spray furniture polish on your black laminate. It will leave a film behind that will be a dust magnet.