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Candle Wax Removal From Satin

Mary Ylisela

Candles add to the warmth and atmosphere of your room with their light, color and fragrance. Sometimes candles splatter or spill over while burning, causing wax stains. When the candle wax spill occurs on your satin material you must remove the candle wax completely but carefully in order to not damage the satin.

Remove candle wax from satin with care.

While satin is a man-made material, it can tear easily during the stain removal process. Extra care in handling and cleaning your satin ensures you remove the stain while maintaining the condition of the satin.

  1. Allow freshly spilled candle wax to harden on your satin fabric. Use ice cubes in a plastic bag to speed the hardening process, if needed.

  2. Lay a paper towel on top of the candle wax stain on your satin fabric. Place the fabric with the paper towel on a flat work surface so the dull side of the satin is facing up. Heat your clothing iron to the "Low" heat setting.

  3. The heat from your iron helps transfer candle wax from satin to paper towels.
  4. Iron the dull side of the satin fabric to melt the candle wax into the paper towel. As the candle wax absorbs into the paper towel, discard the soiled paper towel and replace it with a fresh one. Continue to use the iron to melt the candle wax and transfer it from your satin fabric to the paper towels.

  5. Pour dry cleaning solvent onto the site of the candle wax stain on your satin fabric. Sponge the stain to work the dry cleaning solvent into the fabric and remove candle wax greasy residue.

  6. Cover any dye stain from the candle wax with a quarter-sized amount of pre-wash stain remover. Gently rub the fabric together to work the pre-wash stain remover into the fibers. Allow the pre-wash to sit on the satin fabric for 15 minutes.

  7. Launder your satin fabric on the delicate cycle of your wash machine or hand was in a bucket or sink. Use the recommended amount of laundry detergent and add 1 cup white vinegar to your washing machine's wash cycle to remove any last traces of candle wax residue.

  8. Hang dry your satin fabric.


Soak satin fabric in diluted white vinegar after removing candle wax substance. Vinegar breaks down and removes the greasy residue left by candle wax.


Iron satin fabric on the dull side of the fabric only so the satin sheen isn't damaged.