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How to Remove Poster Putty From Walls

Kathy Adams

Poster putty may leave an oily spot on the wall if the wall finish is porous. Clean the stain with a citrus solvent such as the kind used to remove stickers.

Poster putty may be bit difficult to remove in one piece if it has been on the wall for a while. Roll the putty from one end to another to remove it, or use a fresh piece of putty to help remove stubborn bits. Clean stains with a citrus solvent.

Removing the Putty

  1. Pick at one corner of the putty to lift it from the wall.

  2. Roll the lifted end of the putty over the remaining putty to help lift the entire mass from the wall.

  3. Dab stubborn, tiny pieces of putty with another piece of putty to lift if off the wall.

  4. Soften a hardened chunk of putty that cannot be peeled away easily by dabbing one corner with a cotton swab coated with a citrus solvent. Lift the softened corner and roll the putty into a ball.

  5. Remove any marks left behind by the putty by dabbing it with a drop or two of citrus solvent applied to the tip of a cotton swab.


Poster putty -- and citrus solvents -- are designed for non-porous surfaces. Flat paint or old wall paint may become porous over time, so both the putty and citrus solvent have potential to stain. In some cases, you may be able to remove the stain by applying a dab of cornstarch or talcum powder over the oily spot with a slightly damp white cloth. Wet the cloth just enough to make the powder adhere without soaking the powder.