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The Best Way to Hang a Laminated Door Poster

Greyson Ferguson

When hanging content from your walls, you will want to be careful not to damage either the walls or what you are displaying. This is especially true if you are renting the location. Many apartment companies and other facilities will not allow you to hammer or drill holes into the walls, which can leave you wondering how to hang heavy content, such as laminated door posters.

Poster Putty

Poster Putty may be the best way to hang a laminated door poster on your wall or door. This material is similar to play dough, because it is slightly solid, however you can mold it with your hands and rip it apart without damaging it. It also provides a strong bonding agent which will not damage the wall or the laminated poster. Granted, because the poster is laminated you will not damage it by using tape, but tape will not be strong enough to hold up the poster, and if you used duct tape, it could mar the wall or door.

Where to Find It?

You can find Poster Putty at just about any large retail store (such as Target, Wal-Mart or Kmart), or in an arts and craft store. The putty will typically come in a small container in yellow strips (usually, but blue is also used) which somewhat resemble gum. These packages are not expensive.

Hanging the Laminated Poster

Lay the laminated poster flat on a table or the ground, face down. Place a thin layer of the Poster Putty in each corner. For larger posters, add an additional application of putty to the middle of each side. as well. This will help support the weight of the poster and keep it from falling down. Make sure the poster is square before you press it against the wall. Once it has been placed snugly on the wall it will be difficult to adjust the position.
Once you have it straight, press down hard on each area where the Poster Putty is. This will help lock the putty into place against the wall.

Remove the putty

When it is time to remove the poster, you will be able to pull it down without any trouble. This can be done by removing the top corners and pulling downward. Depending on how long the poster was stuck to the wall you may have some residue left after the putty is removed. To clean this up use soap and warm water. Rub over the area for a few moments and the discoloration will be removed.