How to Get Silly Putty Off a Stuffed Animal

Tisha Tolar

Silly Putty and stuffed animals can be two of a child’s best playthings. However, both can be quickly compromised if they come into contact with each other. It is not uncommon for little ones to spread their favorite Silly Putty all over their favorite teddy bear.

Once the putty sets in, it can seem very difficult to remove from the fuzzy fur of the stuffed animal, but it is not impossible if you follow a few simple steps.


Remove the Silly Putty as fast as you can to get the best results. If you do not have rubbing alcohol, substitute hand sanitizer. If WD-40 is not available, try another solvent such as mineral oil. You can use a brush or comb to help restore the stuffed animal's fur after washing and drying.


Do not apply heat to the Silly Putty because it can cause permanent staining and create a bigger mess when the putty is melted. Be sure all WD-40 is washed off the stuffed animal before allowing your child to handle it again. Check for stains after washing and before adding the stuffed animal to the dryer or the stain may set in for good.

  1. Place the stuffed animal in the freezer for 3 hours. Once the putty has hardened, you can use the small hammer to crack away a large amount of the putty. Gently pull off the loosened pieces and throw away.

  2. Whatever remains on the stuffed animal can be scraped off using the spoon or dull knife. Shake off or vacuum the loose debris. Scrape as much Silly Putty off the blanket with the back edge of a knife or metal spoon. Remove or vacuum the surface of any loose debris.

  3. Use the WD-40 spray to coat the area where the putty remains. Allow the lubricant to set for about 3 minutes to penetrate the putty. Use the clean cloth to wipe the area clean.

  4. If putty remains, re-spray the lubricant and gently dab the stained area with several cotton balls.

  5. Add rubbing alcohol to a clean cotton ball. Carefully blot the fabric then wipe the area with another clean cloth.

  6. If any residue remains, wet a clean cloth and add a few drops of dish soap to the cloth and squeeze. Wipe the fabric with the sponge and allow to air dry.

  7. Launder the stuffed animal separately from other items.