How to Build a Rope and Post Fence

Rather than the usual wooden or metal fence, you can create a more decorative alternative with a rope and post fence. It is a less substantial fence to be used as much for decoration as it is for support. Rope and post fences are ideal for a rustic, natural landscape, or they can suggest a maritime theme.

Rope and post fences look rustic, so minor imperfections will blend in.

They also allow a little more room for error in measuring and building, although you still want to do your best when planning and building the structure.

  1. Dig holes at the spacing you want. Aim for 4- to 8-foot widths between the posts, digging each post to 12 inches deep and 2 inches wider than your post material.

  2. Cut the wood to the height you want. Add 1 foot to the desired fence height to attain the proper amount of post material underground. Most building codes set fencing at 3 to 4 feet high, depending on the use. Post and rope fences can be shorter for purely decorative purposes.

  3. Screw post hole hardware onto the bottom of each post to sink into cement footings. By using hardware and screws, it will be much easier to change out the post in the future when the post needs replacement. Follow the directions on the hardware packaging if you have any questions regarding how to attach it.

  4. Water each hole and let the water sink in so the moisture from the cement won't be wicked away and dry out too fast.

  5. Mix cement according to package directions, and then pour it into the hole, setting the base of the post so the hardware sinks into the concrete. Make sure you do not cover the screws on the hardware so you can remove them if you need to in the future.

  6. Place a level across the top of the post and verify it is level in the hole. Place it vertically against the pole to ensure it stands straight.

  7. Let the cement dry and fill any remaining space around your fence post with gravel or soil.

  8. Tie rope around each post, leading it from one post to the next. Alternatively, screw eye bolts into each post and thread the rope through each hole.