How to Make a Glass Bottle Fence

Amy Yang

A glass bottle fence gives you the look of stained glass when the sun shines through it, especially when you use different colored bottles. It is also an environmentally friendly way of reusing old glass bottles. Your biggest expense is the purchase of enough mortar for your fence.

Collect old beer bottles to make a glass bottle fence.

Collect old glass bottles or get them from your local landfill. Depending on how large a fence you plan to build, you may need thousands of bottles.

  1. Calculate the number of bottles you will need by dividing the length of the fence by the width of the bottles and dividing the height of your fence by the height of the bottles. Multiply the two resulting numbers.

  2. Collect the total number of bottles you will need. Get all bottles of the same size.

  3. Mix your mortar following the instructions.

  4. Lay down enough mortar to cover the length and width of the fence at the location you have chosen. The thickness of the fence is the same as the length of the bottle.

  5. Place bottles on their side on the mortar. Lay down the first bottle on the mortar at one end of the fence with the bottom of the bottle facing the outside of the fence. Lay down the second bottle next to the first on the mortar facing the same direction as the first. Continue laying down your bottles on the mortar until you have reached the end.

  6. Add mortar on top of the row of bottles. Level it out.

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you reach your desired fence height.


If you have different colored bottles, you can create a picture mosaic with them. Gardening Tips 'n' Ideas suggests using pigmented mortar for even more color.


Mix only enough mortar you can use at one time. You can't store mortar that has already been mixed.