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Is Cornbread Safe to Feed Wild Birds?

Erin Maurer

Feeding wild birds helps provides an opportunity for people to observe and interact with the birds in their community. It is important to understand which foods are ideal for the type of bird being fed. Cornbread can be a good food source, but the recipe requires adaptation.

Woodpeckers will happily dine on milk-free cornbread.

Bird Types

Downy woodpeckers and other members of the woodpecker family are the ideal birds to feed cornbread, recommends the Alabama Wildbird Conservation Association. Wrens and mockingbirds also may eat the cornbread.

Feeder Type

Woodpeckers eat from platform or shelf feeders, rather than the more common tube feeders. Crumble cornbread and place it on the platform. Cornbread pieces also may be placed on a sunny window sill to attract birds.


Birds often fly into glass when feeding close to windows. Hang window decals or curtains to discourage birds from flying into the glass. Also, avoid feeding birds commercial or store bought cornbread. Many of these recipes contain milk, which birds cannot digest, according to the Nature Skills website. Therefore, replace milk with water when making homemade cornbread.