How to Build a Bubbler Fountain

Melanie L. Marten

Many home owners want the peaceful sounds of running water in their backyard. The popularity of backyard water gardens is growing, but not everyone wants a pond to maintain. Build a bubbler fountain to eliminate many of the problems associated with pond ownership: mosquitoes, water quality and algae control.

Bubbler fountains can also be made with urns or flower pots.

A bubbler fountain provides both beauty and relaxation to your home.

  1. Choose a spot for your bubbler fountain to be in your yard or garden. Position it out of direct sunlight to prevent massive evaporation. Choosing a spot without extensive tree or bush roots will make digging easier. Be sure that there is an electrical outlet nearby as the submersible pond pump will need to be plugged in.

  2. Mark out a space that is several inches wider than the plastic bin or barrel that you intend to use for the fountain reservoir. Use a shovel or pick if necessary to dig the hole. The finished hole should be a few inches deeper than the bin or barrel is tall. Inspect the hole you dug for sharp rocks, tree roots and other things that may damage the water reservoir. Remove them.

  3. Place the plastic bin or barrel into the hole and fill the sides in with dirt. Tamp this dirt down as you fill the gaps to provide a sturdy support for the container. Lay the two bricks or flat stones in the bottom of the bin. Place the submersible pond pump in the bottom of this bin or barrel. Be sure to position it upright and so that it is steady and will not fall over. The bricks raise the pump off the bottom so that any debris cannot get sucked into it. Run the cord up and out of the container toward where you will plug it in.

  4. Connect the rigid pump tube to the top of the submersible pump. This tube should be tall enough to come out of the barrel and all the way through the drilled stone, water urn, or other decoration you plan to use for your bubbler fountain. Attach it firmly as it will be very hard to get in and fix it after the entire water garden is completed.

  5. Stretch the sheet of polyethylene over the top of the bin or barrel. Cut a hole just big enough for the rigid water pipe to come up through. Position rocks around the outer edge of the sheet to hold in it place while you complete the bubbler fountain. Fill the entire water barrel or bin with clean water from your garden hose.

  6. Cut a piece of wire mesh large enough to cover the entire opening of the water reservoir. Ideally, you should use two pieces of metal: a strong one with larger holes and one with smaller holes. These should prevent any stones from falling into the barrel or bin and damaging the pump, and support the fountain decor. Lay each piece of metal mesh over the top of the polyethylene sheet.

  7. Position the pre-drilled rock, urn or other bubbler fountain decoration over the rigid pond tube in the center of the bubbler fountain. If you are not using a rock or urn, simply surround the fountain tube with washed landscape or river rocks or pebbles. Finish landscaping the area around the water garden to hide all wire mesh and polyethylene sheeting. Then, plug in the pump and sit back to enjoy your new bubbler fountain.