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What is Propane Used For?

Table of Contents

Propane is a non-toxic, colorless and odorless gas. It can also be turned into liquid form to make transportation easier. Propane is made from petroleum products including crude oil refining and natural gas processing. The gas is insoluble in water and is clean-burning. Propane has many uses around homes, farms and businesses.


Propane can be used for many types of cooking. It is capable of powering both outdoor grills and indoor ovens and stoves.


Propane can supply the fuel for both furnaces, space heaters and fireplaces. Propane can also fuel water heaters in homes and other buildings. It is also used as a fuel for animal brooders.


Propane is used by more than 500,000 farmers across the United States. Farmers use it to rid crops of weeds and insects using propane flamers. Because of its non-toxic makeup, propane is also used to fuel machines that help dry crops.

In the Home

In the home, propane can also power clothes dryers and generators. Propane can also be used for recreation by powering swimming pool and spa heaters as well as outdoor lamps.


Propane can power equipment like forklifts and tractors. According to the Minnesota Propane Association, propane when used on equipment like forklifts, can give off fewer emissions than Occupational Safety Health Administration standards.