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Caterpillar G398 Specs

Kelvin Hayes

Caterpillar Inc. is famous for its track style, earth-moving crawlers and full line of heavy-duty construction vehicles. However, "CAT" also produces diesel and natural gas engines for use in its own equipment along with locomotive, semitruck, marine and power supply applications. The G398 is a packaged generator (engine plus generator system) and may serve as a power supply or emergency backup system for construction sites.

Power Output

The CAT SR4 generator, powered by the accompanying G398 engine, produces 350 kilowatts of continuous electricity. As the generator creates power, it sends it to the output switch at 480 volts or 60 Hertz.

Engine Specs

The G398 runs 12 cylinders at 1,200 rpm to produce 500 horsepower. This horsepower is transferred to the CAT SR4 generator, which converts it into electricity.

Fuel Type

The 12 cylinders are powered by natural gas that must be at least 95 percent pure and burn at or above 900 British thermal units (BTU). CAT also offers diesel and gas engine options but recommends clean-burning natural gas as a low-maintenance alternative because the fuel is devoid of water, sediments, corrosives and gums that create carbon buildup within engines.

Voltage Control

The generator includes a built-in voltage regulator rated to 1,040 amperes, ensuring equipment and circuits that rely on the power are not fried by excess electricity.