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What Are the Benefits of a Steam Washer & Dryer?

Stephanie Dube Dwilson
Table of Contents

As steam washers and dryers gain popularity in residential settings, you may wonder if the benefits of a steam washer and dryer outweigh the added cost associated with these models. Take your lifestyle and the demands you place on your clothes into consideration when deciding if a steam model is right for you.

Steam washers and dryers provide many benefits unavailable in conventional machines.

Use Less Water

A top-loading washer uses approximately 40 gallons of water for each load of laundry, according to the University of Minnesota. A front-loading machine uses between 17 and 28 gallons. Steam washing machines use less water than front-loading machines.

Require Less Energy

A steam washing machine requires less energy than either a front- or top-loading washing machine. Steam expands in the washing machine, so less energy is required to heat the water, explains Manage My Life, a Sears Brand website.

Save Money on Dry Cleaning

You can use a steam dryer to refresh clothes that you have worn but don't want to wash. Toss smelly or wrinkly clothes into the steam dryer for a few minutes, directs Manage My Life, and the steam will deodorize the fabric and knock out any wrinkles. If your wardrobe contains many dry-clean-only fabrics, a steam dryer may quickly pay for itself in money and convenience.

Clothes Last Longer

Steam washers are more effective than traditional washers at breaking down detergents so they permeate the fabric effectively, states Paul Rogers in Recordnet's article "The Steam Team." Steam dryers allow you to refresh clothing without using detergents. Throwing clothes into the dryer with the steam setting on for a few minutes allows you to wear clothes without ironing them first. All of these tactics add to the life of your clothes.

Aid in Allergies

Some steam washers have a sanitize setting, according to Manage My Life. This setting uses steam to kill dust mites and eliminate pet dander. If anyone in your family suffers from allergies, use this setting on bed clothes and towels.