Types of Log Cabin Siding

Log cabin siding is made from wood, or sometimes vinyl, and gives your home an authentic, warm, cabin straight-from-the-woods look and feel.

Quarter Log Siding

Most popular in pine and cedar, siding can also be make from other woods, including cypress and redwood. You can have your siding beveled either as quarter logs, half logs and premier logs, depending on your budget. Also, vinyl log siding is affordable alternative to real wood. Whether stained or retained in its natural color, log cabin siding gives a classic look of old times and of an older era, a timeless look for a new or newly renovated home. It is considered both builder- and eco-friendly because the process to create the siding now uses a more significant portion of each tree, and thus fewer trees are required.

Quarter log siding comes in 2-by-6 inch and 2-by-8 inch sizes, provides an authentic-looking log cabin siding, while keeping your siding renovation affordable. They can be purchase either smooth or hand hewn for an authentic hand-peeled appearance. Quarter log siding is usually installed with an end match system, which helps to hide any nails or screws and comes in tongue-in-groove fashion. Quarter logs are a good option if you want that log authentic cabin look and feel but don't have the budget for half logs or premium log siding.

Half Log Siding

Half log siding comes in a variety of sizes, mostly popularly 3-by-6 inches and 3-by-8 inches. Half log siding boosts the strongest tongue-in-groove siding on the market. The same as quarter log siding, it comes in end match system that helps to hide any nails or screws and also limits labor and material expense. It is also commonly available smooth or hand hewn. Similar to quarter log siding, the half log siding provides the log cabin look but the look is more finished than the less expensive quarter log.

Premier Log Siding

Premier log siding comes in 3-by-8 inch and 3-by-10 inch sizes and is often only available hand hewn and in pine. The benefits are the same as half log siding. What sets premier log siding apart is the quality of the wood used to make the siding and the finished appearance of the siding, which provides a true, rustic cabin look and feel.

Vinyl Log Cabin Siding

Vinyl log cabin siding is an affordable alternative to real wood siding to give your home a log cabin look. Vinyl is lighter and cheaper than wood siding, easy to install and virtually maintenance free. It made to look like wood cabin siding with rounded off corners to give the edges of the home the authentic log cabin appearance. Vinyl imitations of pine and cedar are the most popular styles, but it can come in any number of variations.

Price Comparison

The cost of pine quarter logs is approximately $1.10 per square foot to over $3.10 per square foot for 2-by-6s and around $1.45 and up for 2-by-8s. Cedar quarter siding 2-by-6s start out about $1.70 per square foot and run over $3.75 per square foot. The cost of pine half log siding starts out around $1.80 per square foot for 3-by-6s and $2.40 per square foot for 3-by-8s. Prices for cedar half log siding run between $2.60 per square foot for 3-by-6s and $3.55 per square foot for 3-by-8s. The cost of pine premier log siding is around $2.80 per square foot for the 3-by-8s and $3.70 per square foot for the 3-by-10s. All prices are as of May 2009. The market may change quickly so be sure to check with your supplier for the most up-to-date prices.

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