Why Use Stainless-Steel Baking Pans?

Stainless-steel baking pans offer a variety of benefits. Due to its durability and quality, stainless steel is the most common alloy used in cookware, but stainless-steel bakeware isn't discussed quite as much. That's a shame, as it has all of the same advantages of stainless-steel cookware and can help your baked goods turn out consistently well. Here are some of its greatest perks.

Easy to Find

Why Use Stainless-Steel Baking Pans?

Since stainless steel is such a common material from which to craft cookware and bakeware, it's available at almost every department store and specialty-cooking store, and is often very affordable. When searching for a specific type of pan or baking dish, ask if it's available in stainless steel. Building your kitchen around this type of bakeware will ensure that you have a variety of good-quality pans upon which you can rely for years.

Scratch- and Rust-Resistant

Stainless steel gets its name because it's "stainless," or highly resistant to stains, rust, corrosion and scratching. Types of bakeware made of tin or other materials can rust easily and contaminate food or batters by releasing small amounts of rust. Stainless-steel pans will retain their shine for years and will not corrode, no matter how often you bake with them.

Doesn't React

Some nonstick cookware contains chemicals that make their surfaces slick. Unfortunately, these chemicals can also react with batters and baked goods. Copper and aluminum may also react with food and leach trace amounts into the items you bake. Stainless steel is nonreactive and will not release any harmful chemicals or traces of metal into the things you bake.

Won't Warp

Aluminum, nonstick and some low-quality bakeware can warp easily if exposed to too much heat or rapid changes in temperature. For baked goods that need to withstand high temperatures, it's especially important to choose bakeware that can last through temperature changes and high blasts of heat from the oven. Stainless-steel bakeware will not warp and holds up well in very high temperatures.

Easy to Clean

Though other types of cookware can crust and stick to food easily, stainless-steel bakeware is comparatively easy to clean. Dab at light stains and small bits of food with a soft, soapy sponge, and rinse until they wash out. For tougher stains, scrub with an abrasive sponge or let the pans soak in hot, soapy water until most of the stains are absorbed and loosened.

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