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Uses for Liquid Lanolin

Debby Mayne

The natural product lanolin is a greasy, waxy substance taken from sheep wool after shearing, so it doesn't hurt the animal. It provides a waterproof barrier as it coats surfaces to protect them from the elements. This nontoxic substance is safe and easy to replenish without harming the environment, making it a useful product suitable for people who are concerned about ecology. Very few people are allergic or even sensitive to lanolin, so it is generally considered safe when used on human skin. Lanolin does not break down in sunlight.

Skin Lubricant

Liquid lanolin can be used as a lubricant on most people's skin. Many pharmaceutical companies all over the world use it in skin creams and baby products. Nursing mothers may use it to sooth aching nipples between feedings. Although most pediatricians recommending washing it off before the baby nurses again, the residue isn't typically harmful to babies if a small amount is ingested. Lanolin may be found in lip balms, lotions, moisturizing foundations and creams to help prevent dry and cracked skin.

Metal Protection

Liquid lanolin is able to penetrate most surfaces, including most types of metal. After applying a small, even amount, liquid lanolin can help protect the metal from rust and drying out, keeping it shiny and in good condition. It works well on outdoor metal furniture and metal marine equipment. After applying it, the sun will help the metal absorb what it needs.

Protects Wood

Liquid lanolin is easily absorbed into wood surfaces, making it the ideal lubricant to restore moisture and prevent the wood from cracking, splitting or peeling. It also helps to weatherproof lumber for building. Lanolin can help seal patio decks without altering the color of the wood's natural grain.

Rubber Protection and Lubricant

Liquid lanolin will help protect rubber as it weatherproofs it. Due to the fact that it won't compromise the rubber parts by breaking it down, it can be used on hoses, seals and O-rings. Rubber protected by lanolin will often last much longer and have to be replaced less often than unprotected rubber.

Lubricating Machinery

Liquid lanolin helps prevent corrosion on metal, so it's an ideal lubricant for machinery. It can be used on tools, hinges, locks, lawn equipment, tractors, firearms, electrical components, machine chains, bicycle chains, drill bits and many other items. Welders often use it to help prevent splattering. It provides waterproofing on tools and keeps them from rusting. Lanolin also helps reduce the wear on drill bits and helps speed drilling.