Do it Yourself Rust Proofing

Lee Morgan

When oxygen and the iron in metal get together, it can get ugly fast. Whether it is your car, metal siding, your tools or something else, the corrosive process known as rusting can deteriorate and eventually destroy many of your valuable possessions. Rustproofing usually comes in the form of maintenance.

Depending on the object you are trying to protect, there are several simple do-it-yourself methods for preventing the occurrence of rust.

Rustproofing Cars

You never want to see the beginnings of rust damage on your car. Rust is not only visually unappealing, but it does structural damage to the steel in your car and will eventually make it less safe. Keep your car clean to help prevent rust from appearing, according to AskMen.com. Road salt, humidity in the air, acid rain and oxygen all promote rusting. Keeping the residue of these elements off your car by cleaning with soapy water is an effective way to prevent rust. Add a coat or two of wax after you have washed and dried your car. Wax will add an additional layer of protection against the elements that begin the oxidation process.

Rinse the undercarriage of your car regularly in the wintertime. Although this may not be possible in freezing temperatures, try to remember to rinse underneath the car as soon as the temperatures allow it. A regular rinsing will go a long way in preventing rust in the less obvious places on your car.

Clean and Lubricate Metals

Rust may appear on a number of metal surfaces, including door hinges, tools in the garage and even toys. The list of items that can potentially rust is seemingly endless, so focus on the items that are most likely to rust based on exposure to the elements. Rustproof external metals such as front door or gate hinges, doorknobs, lawn furniture and grills. Also focus on things stored in the garage or outbuildings. These items could include tools, workout equipment and table saws. Rustproofing requires that the exposed metal be cut off from oxygen and moisture as much as possible. Keep these items maintained by cleaning and lubricating them for the best chance to prevent rust.

Use lubricants as a type of rustproofing by rubbing or spraying your items with WD-40 or wiping them down with a wax- or petroleum-based corrosion suppressant, according to MetalWebNews.com. Boeshield T9, Rustlick 631, LPS-1 and Rust-X are all products that will help you with rust proofing. As an alternative, you may purchase galvanizing spray that coats metal in a thin layer of zinc. Zinc is a known rust preventative.

Homemade Rust Proofing Treatment

Create your own rustproof coating by combining lanolin and paint thinner. Mix one part of anhydrous lanolin with five parts of paint thinner and brush it on metal surfaces or dip the metal into the mixture. You can find this type of lanolin in drug stores; although you may have to special order it. Some people have allergic reactions to lanolin, and it may clog pores and cause infections in some people.