How to Keep a Shower Caddy From Rusting

Sandy Kreps

A chrome or stainless steel shower caddy not only looks sleek in your bathroom, it's also an important tool for keeping bath products organized. The downside of a metal shower caddy is that over time, it can start to rust, decreasing its visual appeal and potentially leaving rust marks on your shower wall.

Prevention is the key to a rust-free shower caddy.

Cleaning a rusty shower caddy can be difficult, but keeping one rust free is easy with a bit of prevention.


Prevent water from sitting on the caddy as much as possible. Keep a towel nearby to dry it off after showers, or make sure the air flow in the bathroom is enough to air dry it quickly. A sealant is necessary to prevent rust. Merely cleaning rust off the caddy without sealing it will allow rust to return within a few showers.

  1. Gently scrub away any current rust with a rust-removing cleaner or piece of steel wool. Be careful not to remove the chrome coating on the caddy.

  2. Rinse and dry the caddy thoroughly.

  3. For small areas where rust often occurs, paint the dried caddy with clear nail polish to seal the metal. Rust occurs over time as water and air corrode the metal. Sealing the metal will protect it from these elements.

  4. Polish the entire caddy with clear boat wax or water-repelling car wax. This process needs to be repeated once a month to ensure a nice seal.

  5. Spray the entire caddy with a clear coat of a rust-preventing paint, such as Rustoleum. Coat the entire caddy evenly and allow to dry thoroughly before placing it in the shower.