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How to Make a Waterproof Seal

Clayton Kim

A waterproof seal provides protection from moisture and liquids. You can avoid messy situations on clothing and furniture by making a waterproof seal, and lengthen the life of some craft projects by waterproofing joints and surfaces. A simple waterproof seal can be made from easy-to-find materials.

Beeswax is an active ingredient in waterproof seals.

According to Virginia Technical University, “adding linseed oil to the [beeswax] mixture makes [a] good waterproofing” solution. You can find all the necessary ingredients--beeswax, boiled linseed seed oil, and turpentine--at your local hardware store.

  1. Clean a used metal coffee container with water and dish detergent. Dry the metal container completely using a towel.

  2. Melt the beeswax in a microwavable container in the microwave for three minutes or until fully melted. The melted beeswax should have the same consistency as melted butter.

  3. Pour one part turpentine, one part boiled linseed oil and 16 parts melted beeswax into the metal container.

  4. Mix the turpentine, boiled linseed oil and melted beeswax with a wooden spatula until it is well-blended and has the same consistency throughout.

  5. Using a brush, apply the mixture to any surface to create a waterproof seal.

  6. Tip

    Boiled linseed oil can be purchased at the local hardware store. You do not have to boil the linseed oil yourself.