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Whirlpool Refrigerator Problems

Advertisements for Whirlpool refrigerators tout the quality and efficiency of the product line. However, Whirlpool owners can encounter common problems that may prove easy to fix. In some cases, serious electronic malfunction can occur and it’s better to refer such problems to the technical experts. When buying a refrigerator, choose a model that has a good service record and a reliable warranty, both of which constitute dependable safety nets in case of product malfunction.


On the website consumeraffairs.com, the most common problem cited by Whirlpool refrigerator owners is insufficient cooling. Other major freezer problems of Whirlpool owners include dirty condenser coils and a bad pumping compressor. The side-by-side door refrigerators may exhibit these problems plus a stuck closed diffuser.

Cooling Problem

Insufficient cooling stems from the frost-free feature of the product. If the evaporator coils in the freezer section get clogged with frost, the frost will impede the normal blowing of air by the evaporator fan motor. The blades of the fan can also hit the frost, which may produce undesirable noise and stop the fan altogether. The defrost timer must be activated to initiate refrigerator defrosting. If the defrost heater is not working then the defrost heater and thermostat must be replaced. If the defrost timer seems hot and noisy, then this should be replaced as well.

Other Problems

An inefficient pumping compressor can lead to a system problem and will cause the refrigerator to overfreeze. A closed air diffuser is a motorized door that is supposed to open and allow cold air to be blown from the freezer to the rest of the fresh food section. If this door is stuck, then this operation is impeded. The condenser coil where the hot vapor flows to be condensed into liquid should be clean so energy will not be wasted and the refrigerator will run efficiently.


In September 2005, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Whirlpool Corporation announced a voluntary recall of frost-free freezers and sidekick refrigerators. The voluntary recall was made so that defective products can be fixed by Whirlpool. The specific name of the brand was Whirlpool single-door frost-free freezers (20 cubic feet or less) and refrigerators (17 cubic feet). A total of approximately 67,000 units were manufactured from September 2002 to February 2004. The recall was announced because the defrost heater end cap could be easily dislodged on some units. This may cause an electrical shock and burn or deform the food liner interior. Owners are advised to go to the Whirlpool website or call the customer service department of the retailer to check if their unit is affected.


Proper cleaning and maintenance of Whirlpool refrigerator parts can help avoid problems. In addition, the Whirlpool Corporation offers customer support through its website and hotline. It offers a product registration form that customers can fill out online. This registration is needed to facilitate tracing product and customer information. On the company website, customers can also access guidelines for procedures to follow in fixing common refrigerator-related problems. The website also features information on rebates and scheduling of service.