How Many Hours a Day Should Home Air Conditioning Run?

Audrey Pannell

Have your system properly maintained to reduce unnecessary energy costs and run times.

Preferred House Temperature

Your air conditioner does not have to run a certain amount of time during each cycle. It only needs to run the amount of time necessary to reach and maintain the room temperature that you prefer. The number of hours your air conditioner runs each day depends on what this preferred temperature is. On a 110 degree Fahrenheit day, an air conditioner is sized to remove the heat from your home as fast as it comes in, according to the website for Chas Roberts Air Conditioning & Heating. The cooler the temperature is set below 110 degrees, the more the system will cycle on and off.

System Maintenance

Properly maintaining your system cuts down on unnecessary run times and saves you money on your electric bill. Insulate and seal the air conditioning unit so it works efficiently, reducing the hours it runs each day to reach preferred temperatures. The system works more effectively when kept clean and free of dust and debris. Clean and change filters regularly and have professional maintenance done on the system twice a year.

Bottom Line

Your air conditioner will run more or fewer hours depending on the temperature setting and condition of the system. When leaving your house, set the temperature no more than 5 degrees less than the outside temperature, which will reduce the amount of strain on the system. Putting it back more than 5 degrees and not cleaning the system will cause it to continually switch on and off to maintain lower settings.