Types of Bathtubs

When it comes time to purchase a new bathtub, you may find that there is a very large selection from which to choose. Because the bathtub is often the focal point of the bathroom, it is important to find a bathtub that suits your bathroom décor. Equally as important is to find a tub that fits your needs.

Claw-foot Tubs

Claw-foot bathtubs, or freestanding bathtubs, have been around for more than a century. Originally, these tubs were made of cast iron, which requires extra floor support for the tub, but today, they are made of lightweight materials, which means the but doesn't require additional floor support.

Recessed Tubs

A recessed tub is the traditional tub, which is found in many homes and is most commonly made of enamel steel. This tub is surrounded on three sides by the tub alcove, which is most commonly comprised of three of the bathroom walls.

Corner Tubs

Corner tubs are characterized mainly by the triangular shape of one end of the tub. Generally, these tubs are finished on all sides, except the corner end.

Jetted Tubs

Jetted tubs, often referred to as whirlpool tubs, feature powerful jets that can be turned on and off at the bather's option. These are available in indoor, outdoor, single person and multiple-person models.

Drop-In Tubs

Drop-in tubs are mounted on an even plane with the floor. Sometimes, a deck is built in the bathroom to accommodate a drop-in tub and some tubs are actually sunk below the level of the floor.

Walk-In Tub

People who aren't able to get into a traditional tub, such as those requiring a wheelchair, may find that a walk-in tub is a good option. These tubs feature a door that becomes fully sealed when closed to prevent water leakage. These tubs may feature seats as well.

Designer Tubs

Some tubs are classified by the materials used to make them, which include stone, glass or wood. These designer tubs are usually custom made but some home improvement stores sell basic models.