Square D Circuit Breaker Types

Circuit breakers detect overcurrent and short circuit conditions and shut off electrical flow to prevent damage to electrical circuits. Schneider Electric manufactures several types of Square D circuit breakers for use in homes and commercial and industrial facilities.


Circuit breakers protect against electrical overloads or short circuits

Square D miniature circuit breakers are typically used in residential and light commercial installations. They are physically small, are installed in fuse boxes or cabinets, and protect low amperages from 10 to 150A.

UL 1077 Supplementary Protectors

These small protectors are used for overcurrent protection of sensitive circuits in appliances or other electrical equipment where circuit overcurrent protection is already provided or is not required.

Molded Case

Molded case circuit breakers are available to protect amperages from 15 to 6,000A, and are commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings. Features include push-to-trip for easy checking of functions, permanent trip and easily identifiable trip indication.

Insulated Case

These are medium- to large-sized circuit breakers used in switchboard applications in large industrial and commercial facilities, protecting amperages from 200 to 6,000A.

Low-Voltage Power

Low-voltage power circuit breakers are commonly used in switchgear in data processing commercial facilities and large industrial settings.

Arc Flash Protection

Arc flashes can occur when electrical equipment is being serviced or inspected, and can damage equipment, disrupt operations and cause minor to severe worker injuries and death. Square Ds arc flash protection interrupts large fault currents, limiting arc flash energy to protect workers and equipment.