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Royal Velvet Towels Vs. Wamsutta

Jacqueline Casey

Wrapping in a luxurious, thirsty towel after a hot shower sounds very inviting. Two towel brands competing for this honor are Royal Velvet and Wamsutta. Both companies brag of indulgence and absorbency.


Choose towels to match your decor.

Both Royal Velvet and Wamsutta offer towels with two-ply thickness, machine-washable fabric and imported materials. Colors vary for both brands of towels.


Most of the Royal Velvet towels are slightly larger than the Wamsutta. A Royal Velvet bath towel measures 32 by 56 inches, while the Wamsutta competitor measures 30 by 54 inches. Royal Velvet towels are made of 75 percent cotton and 25 percent bamboo. Wamsutta brand boasts 100 percent Brazilian cotton materials.


As of November 2009, at Bed Bath and Beyond, a Royal Velvet bath towel costs $16.99 and the comparable size in Wamsutta is $7.99.


Both Walt Disney World Resorts and Disney Vacation Club villas chose the Wamsutta towels to stock their hotel rooms, perhaps because of cost.

Company Information

Made in India, the Royal Velvet towels advertise an exclusive line for Bed Bath and Beyond. The Wamsutta brand, imported from Brazil, operates under the Springs Global Company, with over 150 years of linen-making experience.