How Do Egyptian-Cotton Towels Compare to MicroCotton Towels?

Kathy Adams

Egyptian cotton and MicroCotton towels both have long fibers and absorb well, so you may have to consider factors such as weight to decide which is best.

Both Egyptian cotton and MicroCotton have long, lush fibers that offer an excellent absorbency perfect for towels. Since towels may vary based on the way the cotton is combed or in the amount of fibers per square inch, the best way to compare the towels is to feel one of each type of cotton to determine which is best for you.

Egyptian Cotton Basics

Egyptian cotton, which is grown in Egypt, is prized for its extra-long fibers. When woven into towels, these fibers provide extra absorbency while still being breathable, offering a luxurious feel.

MicroCotton Basics

MicroCotton is a trademarked term for a type of quality cotton yarn woven into long loops for added absorbency and luxurious feel. Some versions of MicroCotton are lighter in weight compared to a similar Egyptian cotton towel, but they still absorb very well.

Comparing the Two

MicroCotton towels typically have longer fibers than Egyptian cotton towels, with a soft, silky feel. Egyptian cotton is better-known for its absorbent qualities, although MicroCotton potentially offers more absorbency.

  • Check the towel tags to ensure that each towel is made only from MicroCotton or Egyptian cotton; blended fabrics may be significant less absorbent. 
  • Egyptian cotton towels are breathable and are designed to last.
  • MicroCotton towels do not create lint when washed.
  • Feel samples of each towel to determine which feels best to you. Since they are both made from quality cotton and are highly absorbent, it's up to you whether a lightweight absorbent towel is the best choice, or a heavy towel, which provides blanket-like comfort when wrapped around your body.