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How to Hang Up a Large Tablecloth to Steam Iron

Louise Harding

Steam irons have revolutionized the ironing of tablecloths, removing the need to take the tablecloth to a professional cleaner, thus saving the homemaker money. Don't spend hours pressing a tablecloth on a traditional ironing board. Hanging a large tablecloth to steam iron it may seem complicated, but in reality it's a very simple process. The shower curtain rod in your bathroom has more functions than just holding up the shower curtain. By taking your tablecloth out of the traditional dining room and into the bathroom, you can make steam ironing your linens a fast chore.

Hang tablecloths on shower rods to steam iron.
  1. Push the shower curtain to the side or temporarily remove it from the shower curtain rod. You don't want it in the way while you're steam ironing. If you have a vinyl shower curtain liner, also remove it while you iron.

  2. Hang towels over the shower curtain rod.
  3. Hang three towels across the top of the shower curtain rod evenly, so the rod is completely covered. Make sure the towels hang evenly on each side of the shower curtain rod so the towels do not slip off. You can place rectangles of rubber, nonslip drawer liners under each towel to ensure the towels stay put if you are working with a particularly heavy, large tablecloth.

  4. Hang one-quarter of the tablecloth over the towels on the shower curtain rod. If your tablecloth is very large, you may need to pull more of the cloth over the top to hold it in place. Use clothespins if the tablecloth refuses to stay on the towels without slipping, and clip the edges of the tablecloth to the edges of the towels. Make sure the clothespins are clean and not discolored so they won't leave marks on the clean tablecloth.

  5. Drape the tablecloth over the towels on the shower curtain rod.
  6. Steam iron the tablecloth according to the iron's manufacturer's instructions, saving the end of the tablecloth that is draped over the shower curtain rod for last. When you reach the last portion of the tablecloth, lower the cloth down a few inches at a time and steam iron, continuing to lower the tablecloth until you have ironed the entire cloth. You may need to adjust the clothespins on the edges of the tablecloth and towels as you lower the cloth for the final steam ironing.