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How to Make Curtains From Towels

Kate Lee

Towels can make great curtains for a small window, such as in a bathroom. Since towels are thicker than many curtain fabrics, they'll provide extra privacy and help block the light effectively. Depending on the size of the towel and the curtains, you may not even need to hem the curtains, since they come with edges that are already finished. To hang the curtains, you can use a simple rod that goes above the window, or a tension rod that mounts inside the window frame.

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  1. Install the curtain rod above the window, or inside the window frame.

  2. Measure the width of the curtain rod, and the length from the top of the rod to a few inches below the bottom of the window frame.

  3. Choose a towel that's at least as large as these measurements. You may want to use a single towel curtain to cover a narrow window, or two towel curtains to cover a wider window.

  4. Make the towels wider or longer, if needed, by cutting an additional piece from a matching towel. Place the towel pieces right sides together, and stitch them together along the edge. If the towel is too wide or long for the window, you can trim it to size and stitch along any cut edges using a zigzag stitch to keep the towel from raveling.

  5. Fold the top edge of each towel curtain toward the back side of the towel, so that the folded area is at least 1 inch wider than the width of the curtain rod. Pin the fold in place, then stitch along the lower edge of the folded area.

  6. Take down the curtain rod, and slip the casing at the top of each towel curtain over the curtain rod, with the right side of the towel facing the room. Then hang up the curtain rod to cover the window with the towel curtains.