How to Make a Refrigerator Handle Cover

Daisy Cuinn

The refrigerator door handle is a magnet for grime, not to mention germs you can't see. A cloth refrigerator handle cover won't make germs disappear, but it protects the handle from buildup -- and if you toss it in the wash with your dish towels weekly, it will stay fresh and clean.

Refrigerator handle covers also add to your kitchen decor. When you make your own, you're able to coordinate it with your kitchen's color scheme and match it to your dish towels.


Dish and tea towels require minimal sewing because the edges are already hemmed, but you can use any kind of fabric to make your refrigerator handle cover. Embellish your refrigerator handle cover with felt shapes or crochet flowers.

  1. Measure the length of the refrigerator door handle.

  2. Measure the dish towel lengthwise to the length of the door handle, and add 1 inch. Cut the towel crosswise at the measurement with scissors.

  3. Fold the cut dish towel vertically into thirds as if you were folding a letter. Wrap the folded towel around the refrigerator door handle. The ends should overlap slightly in the back so that the towel fits snugly around the handle. Trim and adjust the towel if necessary.

  4. Unfold the towel. Fold the cut end of the towel up 1/2 inch and sew straight across.

  5. Fold the towel into vertical thirds again. Machine or hand sew straight stitches along the edges of all four sides of the folded towel.

  6. Fold the piece into a tube. Cut a strip of hook and eye fastener the same length as the vertical edges. Place the fastener strip between the overlapped ends of the fabric to determine the placement. Tear the fastener apart and lay the tube flat, with each side of the fastener in place. One side of the fastener will be facing down, the other will be facing up.

  7. Glue each side of the fastener in place. Allow the glue to dry completely. When dry, wrap the cover around the door handle and secure in place with the hook and eye fasteners.