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Decorative Ways to Hang Bath Towels Tied With Ribbon

Lisa Hall

Fresh, crisp towels can really give a bathroom a luxurious feel. While bathroom upgrades can be very expensive, hanging fluffy towels in a decorative way is an inexpensive method to freshen up your bathroom. Instead of merely hanging towels on a rack, tying ribbons around the towels gives them added decoration.

Ribbons can add decoration to a boring hand towel bar.

You can also change the color of the towels and types of ribbon whenever you want to change the look of your bathroom. A few simple tricks will lead to an elegant tie around any type of towel.

Large Towel Rack

  1. Select two bath towels and two hand towels. A bath towel is typically the largest towel used in a bathroom. A hand towel is smaller than a bath towel but larger than a wash cloth. Choose two bath towels of the same color and two hand towels in a different, yet complementing color. The towels should be fresh and clean and coordinate with the color scheme of the bathroom.

  2. Take one of the bath towels and fold it in half. Hang it over the left side of towel rack. Make sure the ends are even on the bottom. Then do the same with the second bath towel, hanging it on the ride side of the rack next to the other towel.

  3. Take one of the hand towels and fold it into thirds lengthwise. Hang it over one of the bath towels. Repeat with the other hand towel, placing it on top of the other bath towel.

  4. Tie ribbon around the towels by selecting a color of organza ribbon that coordinates with the towels. You may want to use a plain ribbon or select one with a design, depending on the look you want to achieve. Bring the ribbon around back of the towels and tie it in front. The ribbon should hang half way down from the top of the hand towels. Tie it tight enough so it won’t slip. Make a simple bow that sits equally between the two hand towels.

Hand Towel Bar

  1. For a smaller hand towel bar, use only one hand towel. Fold the towel into thirds lengthwise and hang over the bar. Make sure the ends are even on the bottom.

  2. Select a ribbon that coordinates with your bathroom decor. Many different materials exist to allow you to make decorative ties. Organza ribbon is elegant twine. Raffia provides more of a country feel and polka dot ribbon can be used to liven up a child’s bathroom.

  3. Tie the ribbon by pulling the ribbon from around the back of the hand towel, securing it in front. The ribbon should be about one third from the top of the towel. Pull it tight enough so that it gathers at the tie and fans out the towel on the bottom. Make a bow or a tie a knot if you will be adding accessories. For example, if you use raffia, tie a knot and let the ends hang loosely. Then place some fake green leaves in the tie to cover the knot. Other accessories that you could use are flowers, sea shells or decorative pins.