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How to Fold Towels Like a Hotel Fancy

Holly L. Roberts

Elegantly folded towels make your bathroom look like the bathroom of a fancy hotel. You can use any towels to mimic the look, but fluffy, white towels are the most authentic option. If you want to fold towels like they fold them in hotels, display them the way a hotel does, too, by perching them on the countertop as you would a decorative accessory.

  1. Fold your bath towel into thirds lengthwise. Roll the towel lengthwise, starting at one end and rolling firmly but not tightly until the towel is a neat roll. Set aside.

  2. Spread the hand towel in front of you on a flat surface. If the towel has a pattern on one side, the side you want to show in the arrangement should face up.

  3. Fold the bottom of the towel up so that it comes about three-quarters of the way to the top of the towel.

  4. Fold the folded part of the towel back over itself so that the hem of the towel is flush with the bottom edge of the folded towel.

  5. Carefully flip the towel over. Fold the towel into thirds, folding the front of the towel (the part with the fold) onto the back of the towel. Tuck one of the sides into the pocket made by the folds. When you turn it back over, the folded towel should have a pocket in the front. Set the towel aside.

  6. Fold the washcloth accordion-style, making four to six evenly spaced folds that look "stacked" from the side.

  7. Keeping the accordion pleats intact, fold the washcloth in the center so that the two sides come up to make a fan shape.

  8. Tuck the washcloth into the pocket in the folded hand towel.

  9. Drape the folded hand towel over the rolled bath towel on the countertop to display.

  10. Tip

    You can also tuck tiny toiletries or sachets into the hand towel's pocket along with the washcloth. If you don't have counter space to display your towels, consider draping the bath towel (still folded in thirds) over a bath rail and draping the hand towel with the washcloth over it.