What Are Silgranit Kitchen Sinks?

Silgranit kitchen sinks are an alternative to traditional kitchen sink types, such as stainless steel, marble and porcelain. Silgranit sinks provide added durability to cope with the heat and water that they may encounter in kitchens.


Silgranit kitchen sinks are comprised of 80 percent natural granite with tough acrylic bonds that increase durability in comparison to a full granite sink.


Due to the blended materials and acrylic bonds present, Silgranit kitchen sinks are highly resistant to scratches and chips. Silgranit sinks can also withstand heat up to 280 degrees C.


Silgranit kitchen sinks are colored throughout to ensure that the sink's color and luster do not fade over time.


Cleaning Silgranit sinks is an easy process because the material does not react to acids and alkalis, meaning that they are not easily damaged by cleaning supplies.


Silgranit sinks are manufactured and distributed by Blanco, a company that specializes in kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

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