Bathroom Sinks: Cast Iron vs. China

Choosing the right type of sink to fit a bathroom is very important in terms of both effectiveness and appearance. Cast iron and china sinks have both become very popular options.


Cast iron sinks are made by coating cast iron with a layer of enamel. China sinks are typically made of vitreous china, which often appears ceramic.


Cast iron sinks are more durable than vitreous china sinks due to the cast iron frame that supports them. Vitreous china sinks are more likely to receive damage upon impact.


Both cast iron and china sinks have a smooth, shiny quality about them that looks delicate and beautiful. Both sink types can also be customized to fit almost any home's theme.


The smooth texture of both cast iron and china sinks makes them very easy to clean, but both are also susceptible to scratches and chipping. It is best to be careful not to expose either type of sink to any abrasive cleaning materials.


Due to the cast iron frame underneath the enamel, cast iron sinks are heavier than china sinks. This may result in a need for added counter support to ensure an accident does not occur.