Oak Vs. Maple Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood woods floors are a solid investment for your home because even as home trends change, wood flooring remains a sought-after choice. The most popular hardwood floors remain oak and maple. Both woods add long-lasting value and style. (see reference 1)


When considering wood floors for your home, oak and maple are timeless choices.

Oak and maple flooring comes pre-finished or ready for finishing.


Both types of flooring come in a variety of widths. The choice is based on fashion. Narrower widths are considered more formal; wider more casual.


Oak comes in light and red colors. Natural maple flooring is light and bright, but darker colors are available. (see reference 2)

Expert Insight

Oak is considered one of the most long-lasting hardwood floors. (see reference 3)


Bring home samples of both types of flooring. Place them where you plan to redo your floor, and look at them throughout the day and evening so you can evaluate them in different lights.

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