Can Clear Coat Paint Be Tinted?

Clear-coat paint can often be tinted, depending on the product and what you are applying it to. Latex-based items can be tinted in a variety of paint colors.

Latex Clear Coat

Various paint companies sell latex-based polyurethanes. These clear-coat paints are often white or glue-like but will provide a clear finish when dry. Latex paint can be added to it to give a deep color tint to any job.

Latex Polyurethane

Polyurethane finishes may provide a tinted look with several applications. Have a paint store use paint tints in calibrated amounts to provide you with the perfect shade.

Oil-Based Polyurethane

Oil-based polyurethanes are more difficult to work with but will provide a stable tinting base. Oil stains may be added to polyurethane base products to create deep, wood-grain tinted shades for woodworking projects.

Conversion Varnish

Conversion varnish may be tinted. This product is water resistant and durable and dries to a hard finish. Use a pigmented conversion varnish.

Manual Tinting

Tinting can be created by applying the clear coat, letting it dry and layering the tinted coat on top of the clear coat. Additional layers of clear coating will "float" the tint in layers, providing the desired effect.

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