What Is the Toughest Fabric for Furniture?

The adjective "tough" means to withstand enormous pressure, duress or strain without wear and tear.

Furniture Fabric

Toughness signifies strength, ruggedness and resilience. .

Tough furniture fabric hints at durability and resilience. The type of fabric you want for a piece of furniture depends on the purpose and location of the furniture. For instance, furniture on a boat or patio requires tough, durable, waterproof fabric.

Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics such as cotton, cotton blend, leather, linen and silk are eco-friendly. Cotton is durable, resilient and versatile. It is strong and withstands shock and strains. Cotton and its blends are used extensively in interior decoration.

Linen and Wool Fabric

Linen fabrics come in various colors and degrees of softness. Linen is a fiber fabric with qualities of durability, crispness and strength. Similarly, wool fabric is soft, strong and water-resistant.

Fire-Resistant Fabrics

Fabrics of cotton, wool and silk are resistant to fire. Polyester burns slowly at intensive degrees. It is mildew-resistant, does not stain easily and absorbs shock.

Synthetic Fabrics

Nylon is a mildew-resistant furniture fabric. It is strong and durable, with water-resistant characteristics. Nylon fabric does not stain easily and does not absorb liquids. This can be uncomfortable in hot and humid climates. Acrylic is a natural fiber and contains many characteristics of wool. It is smooth, durable and easily accessible.